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"These are poems of embrace and indictment that churn with the force of revelation, and their beauty, their social relevance and change, comes from how personal, how honest he is willing to be."—BOB HICOK

"Without judgment or shame, these poems walk us through the world we so blindly inhabit, illuminating the horrors and beauties hidden in the shadows, calling out the mysteries of desire in multiple tongues, singing praises to the divine that is here on earth as it is in heaven. Wilson's poems are as deeply felt as they are richly textured; his careful craft carries a heady, metaphysical freight. Look for his language to lick you: to bring you pleasure and to break you open. These are living words."—EVIE SHOCKLEY

Sibling Rivalry Press (2014)


"This collection fights against the erasure of black queer poets by featuring the poetry of Darrel Alejandro Holnes, Saeed Jones, Rickey Laurentiis, Phillip B. Williams, and L. Lamar Wilson (all of whom were chosen by Jericho Brown), alongside their conversations about topics such as mentorship, religion and the body. Together, their voices act like a chorus, strengthening each other while still maintaining their own uniqueness and individual styles. [Editor] Jericho Brown’s The New Testament and Saeed Jones’s Prelude to Bruise are the perfect complements to Prime, making up three of the best poetry books of 2014."  — H. MELT

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