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Old Poem, New Light for World AIDS Day 2023

Older Poem, New Light for World AIDS Day 2023

"I grew up not taught to be afraid of or hate white people or resent them. I had no desire to be white. I was not told that in order to be accepted into the world, I had to assimilate into a white understanding of what the world is. I grew up as an autonomous, loved, Black child, who was taught to love myself just as I am, including all of the ways that I'm 'disabled.' "

Last year, Kenny Fries asked me to (re)share a poem he enjoys with the world & to talk about its making in 2020, that apocryphal year that changed everything. 

Here's a link to my video. On the channel, you'll also find videos of respected kindred souls Meg DayCyree Jarelle Johnson, MFA/MSKay Ulanday Barrett, John Lee Clark, torrin a. greathouse, and others:

Here's the poem, "PrEPositions," selected by Ronaldo V. Wilson for a 2020 issue of Interim:


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